Takshanuk Mountain Trail

ATV Tour to the top of the world in Haines Alaska

Takshanuk Mountain Trail

UTV tour to the top of the world in Haines Alaska

Takshanuk Mountain Trail

Drive your family in an ATV to the top of the mountain

Takshanuk Mountain Trail

  Breathtaking views on our Haines Alaska ATV tour

Takshanuk Mountain Trail

Drive to the top of the mountain in an ATV… and back!

Takshanuk Mountain Trail

Wildlife sightings along the trail on our Haines ATV tour!

The Sub-Alpine Mountain Explorer ATV Tour in Haines Alaska

Come drive yourself on a guided ATV tour and experience some of the most pristine wilderness of Southeast Alaska! We offer a private off-road trail allowing unique access to the alpine regions of Haines, Alaska.

Our ATV tour features comfortable, safe and spacious ATVs (also known as UTVs by some). Enjoy breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, and the local flora and fauna.

A family-friendly experience where all ages are welcome. Drive yourself and your family to the top and back!

Every ATV tour includes our famous beer-battered halibut and roasted chicken meal.

We cater to independent travelers and cruise ship shore excursions starting in either Haines Alaska or Skagway Alaska.

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View our Video and Photo Gallery for Scenes From The Trail!

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